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Connecting Milk Federation till the Last Mile

With Large population of scattered milkproducers, one of most challenge of Dairy Industry is to connect till the last mile and have 360 degree view of producers, bring transparency in the overall operation with producer as beneficial.

Such scenario calls out for a technology which brings federations, societies, producers on the same platform and providing access to information required by all the stakeholders.

With the detailed knowledge in the Dairy industry, Anmeda offer Comprehensivesolution for dairy industryto bring transparency, information flow till the last mile and the stakeholder:

  • > Specially designed to manage all activities at society level from daily milk collection, animal feed Sale, Purchase, Payment to consumers

  • > Provides information to all the stakeholder by enabling transparency

  • > 360 degree view of producer

  • > Cloud based flexible and scalable application architecture enabling integration from single society to multiple societies.

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