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Anmeda Milpro

Anmeda Milpro is Comprehensive software for milk collection happening at the societies. Anmeda Milpro provide a reliable, real-time system for milk collection at society level, local sale at society , milk sale to union ,animal feed sale , purchase and the complete accounting system for milk producers, societies.

Anmeda Milpro provides society wise integration capabilities of key components such as milk analyzers, weighing scales and display boards supporting a broad range of communication protocols to connect to different types of devices. Anmeda Milpro can also provide other value-added features such as society wise milk collection, BMC wise milk collection, Cluster wise milk collection and various analytical reports and dashboards.

Designed with the latest IIoT, Coud based technology, Anmeda Milpro provides an unified and Centralized platform to connect all societies together with the milk unions giving access to real-time information. With option to view the data in mobile, milk producers farmers can track the milk transferred and payments with real-time status.


  • > Specially designed to manage all activities at society level from daily milk collection, animal feed

  • > Sale, Purchase, Payment to consumer's and generating balance sheets and sharing reports with unions.

  • > Maintains all the data related to Society members details

  • > Maintains all data for producers (milk suppliers)

  • > Maintains all data for the payment done to consumers till date

  • > Provides an option to create price chart dynamically based on SNF/FAT or QTY/FAT as when the union revises the price list.

  • > Maintains all the information about advance payments done to consumers

  • > Maintains all information about credit sale done to consumers for animal feed.

  • > Achieve operational excellence and effectiveness.

  • > Flexibility to adapt, configure and extend capabilities as required.

  • > Faster Implementation to results.

  • > Cloud based flexible and scalable application architecture enabling integration from single society to multiple society.

  • > Provide Data Storage and expansion capability which is configurable based on requirements.

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