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Anmeda Ensure

Anmeda Ensure is a Comprehensive Cloud Based Solar Renewable Energy Management Suite is proposed as a real-time centralized controlling & monitoring system solar power generation plant. Anmeda Ensure provide a reliable & real-time system for data collection for plant monitoring, power generation monitoring, plant efficiency tracking, tracking of deviations & alerts, support maintenance and various analytical reports.

Anmeda Ensure provides plant-wide integration capabilities of key plant components from SMB to the Inverters, transformers and switchgear, Grid Parameters and Meteorological stations. By supporting a broad range of communication protocols like Modbus, TCP, OPC, enabling it to connect and exchange data with all plant components, can also provide other value-added features such as Energy Generation Analysis, monitoring equipment efficiency, maintenance tracking, and various analytical reports and dashboards.


  • > Specially Designed SCADA for Solar Energy Management with Multi - Site Integration Capability

  • > Cloud - Based with Remote Controlling & IoT Enable

  • > Built-in Analytics, Trends

  • > Built-in Compliance for Regulatory Bodies

  • > Achieve operational excellence and effectiveness.

  • > Flexibility to adapt, configure and extend capabilities as required.

  • > Faster Implementation to results.

  • > Flexible and scalable application architecture enabling integration from single plant to multiple plants.

  • > Provide Data Storage and expansion capability which is configurable based on requirements.


  • > Centralized data acquisition, historical data storage and complete data management.

  • > Centralized monitoring and control with multiple user management.

  • > Alarms & Events Management with alarm trend and analytics.

  • > Real-time trends of critical parameters.

  • > Auto Generation and emailing of mandatory reports as per configured schedule and as per configured email addresses. Notification via Email & SMS    can be configured individually.

  • > Soft Approval System: Review & Approval in Web-based system by attaching the reports with electronic signatures based on user authentication. Each    action (such as Generation, Checking & Reviewing) carries a comment and time-stamp.

  • > Scheduling of Reports based on the Line In-charges or operators with concerned person emails, based on Escalation matrix.

  • > In case of concerned person not available to review the report, Administrator/Manager has option to manually forward the report to higher authority for    review to close the report work- flow.

  • > Dashboards for Administrator/Manager to view the status of report approvals & take necessary actions.

  • > Complete Audit Trail Reports covering all user activities such as login/logout, addition and deletion of users, report generation, review and approval    activity and so on.

  • > Centralized User management with multi-user support and integration with corporate LDAP directory.

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