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Anmeda Texture

Anmeda Texture is a Comprehensive Cloud Based Production Process Management Suite along with Energy Optimization for Textile Industry. Anmeda Texture leverages the true potential of plant-wide automation schemes across a range of industries and manufacturing processes by providing real-time transparency of the production process at a granular level.

Anmeda Texture for Yarn manufacturers provides an integrated view of process such as Carding, Breaker Drawing, Combing, Finisher Drawing, Simplex, Spinning to Coning & packaging, enabling it to connect and exchange data with all plant process.

Anmeda Texture provides other value-added features such as Energy Consumption Optimization, Monitoring Asset efficiency, Maintenance tracking, and various analytical reports and dashboards at real-time basis.


  • > Achieve Energy Efficiency thru consumption optimization thru real time data analysis

  • > Specially Designed system for Textile Industry with Multi - Plant Integration Capability

  • > Achieve operational excellence and effectiveness.

  • > Flexibility to adapt, configure and extend capabilities as required.

  • > Faster Implementation to results.

  • > Flexible and scalable application architecture enabling integration from single plant to multiple plants.

  • > Provide Data Storage and expansion capability which is configurable based on requirements.

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