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Anmeda Efficacy

Anmeda Efficacy Water Plant for Pharma plants provides complete integrated system with Audit Compliance (21 CFR Part 11 / Annex 11). Anmeda Efficacy Water plant is a centralized monitoring and control system for various water plant equipment such as Purified Water Generation & Distribution, Water for Injection Generation & Distribution, Pure Steam Generation & Distribution, and Ultra-Filtration plants, along with Environment Monitoring System. It provides continuous data acquisition of alarms and other critical process parameters, notifications and user management with audit trails Audit guidelines.

Anmeda Efficacy Water Plant Provides common platform by integrating all the individual equipment from different OEM's into a centralized software system in effectively achieving Audit Compliance (21 CFR Part 11 / Annex 11) . Each connected equipment uses the compliance related features of the common centralized software to achieve Audit Compliance. Anmeda Efficacy water plant provide common binding system for all the connected equipment across the plant and helps adhere to stringent standards required for water purification in the pharmaceutical industry.

Anmeda Efficacy Water Plant, with plant-wide integration capabilities, can provide other value-added features such as integration with production, monitoring equipment efficiency & quality, Energy monitoring, maintenance tracking, along with various analytical reports and dashboards.

  • > Achieve Audit Compliance for the water plant equipment and EMS equipment.

  • > Achieve operational excellence and effectiveness.

  • > Flexibility to adapt, configure and extend capabilities as required.

  • > Anmeda solution provides faster implementation to results.

  • > Flexible and scalable application architecture enabling integration from single plant to multiple plants.

  • > Provide Data Storage and expansion capability which is configurable based on requirements.

  • > Anmeda Efficacy Water plant supports Open Standards for third-party application integration such as ERP, eBRM, BMS, Energy Management and so    on.

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