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Anmeda GenTest

Anmeda GenSet Testing software is a comprehensive generator testing softwarepackage that is designed as a final stage testing for ensuring the generators meet the stringent quality and performance requirements expected by the customer. This is achieved by performing multiple tests in manual & automated fashion by utilizingthe array of load banks and integrating other hardware components which are used during the test for recording various critical parameters related to engine performance, generator performance, fuel consumption and so on.


  • > Provides comprehensive testing ensuring quality product.

  • > Test & Validate the performance and capabilities of GenSet across the entire load range under varying power demand conditions.

  • > Ensure capabilities of genset to function consistently under transient load conditions through Incremental load tests tests.

  • > Provides ability to test GenSets which are designed for different geographical locations (different voltages, currents, power factors, and frequency)in a    single software interface.

  • > Built-in analytics allows identifying problems which may lead to total genset failure.

  • > Leads to maintenance optimization during the warranty period.

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