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Anmeda Pharma Suite

Anmeda Pharma Suite provides real-time integrated view production process at a granular level. It is envisaged with an objective of providing real-time production information of various critical parameters for enhancing overall product quality and boosting production efficiency. With the help of Anmeda Pharma Suite, the concerned stake holders can obtain information centrally such as key production parameters, critical alarms & events, status of various machines, production & rejections, etc.

The information is presented through various intuitive dashboards with real-time graphs and production charts across different management levels. Anmeda Pharma Suite provides a common platform by integrating all the process as well as individual equipment from different OEM's into a centralized software system. Each connected equipment uses the compliance related features of the common centralized software to achieve Audit Compliance

  • > Achieve Audit compliance for the Production Process Monitoring

  • > Achieve operational excellence and effectiveness

  • > Tight control and optimization of the production parameters through centralized monitoring to achieve optimum production output

  • > Quick and proactive response from maintenance personnel to minimize machine downtime and enhance machine utilization

  • > Flexibility to adapt, configure and extend capabilities as required

  • > Provide Data Storage and expansion capability which is configurable based on requirements

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